Treatment £40
prescription Prescription
semi-permanent filling Semi-permanent filling
re-cementing a crown/bridge Re-cementing a Crown/Bridge
management of an infected socket Management of an infected socket
draining of an abscess Draining of an abscess
management of an infected wisdom tooth Management of an infected wisdom tooth
easing of dentures Easing of dentures

Advanced Treatment £120
extraction Extraction (excluding surgical extraction)
root canal Initiate root canal treatment

The Best Emergency Dentist in Bradford

Is sudden tooth pain troubling you? Is it making your life miserable? Do you need an emergency dentist in Bradford? Emerdency can help you get relieved from your toothache immediately.

If you’ve struggled in the past to find an emergency dentist in Bradford that offers quality care and treatment at prices you can actually afford, you’ll be happy to hear that your search is over! At Emerdency, our emergency dentists are ready and waiting to fix your troublesome teeth and eliminate your dental concerns!

We hand pick the dentists to ensure you get the best emergency dental care in Bradford.

Register now to find an emergency dentist in Bradford that is waiting to help you.

Affordable Emergency Dentists Near Bradford

Our dental services are efficient and cost effective. Whether you have tooth pain, oral infection or any dental emergency, we are always here for you. Our professional emergency dentists in Bradford offer you the best dental treatment so that you can get back to normality as soon as possible.

Treatments at Emerdency, Emergency Dentists in Bradford

With years of experience, our team of dentists can take care of any of your dental concerns. No matter how big your dental problem is, our dentists have the expertise to help relieve you from your dental pain.

If you are looking for professional and experienced emergency dentist in Bradford, you have come to the right place. We make sure we adhere to optimal cross infection control while we perform any dental treatment.

Why we are considered as the best emergency dentists in Bradford?

Our professionalism coupled with experience and the courtesy of our staff makes us the best in Bradford. We offer the highest dental care at a competitive price.

If you have any kind of dental emergency, just book online. We will make sure we help you become pain free as quickly as possible! You’re guaranteed to walk out of our clinic knowing you made the right choice in booking with Emerdency.

Emerdency has three main objectives when it comes to your urgent dental care.

  • Provide relief from the immediate dental pain.
  • Ensure the affected teeth and surrounding tissues are stabilised in order to prevent further damage.
  • To provide temporary pain relief; giving you the time to seek further care for definitive treatment options.

Our Emergency Dentist can help you with the following:





broken filling/tooth

Broken Filling/ Tooth



denture adjustments

Denture Adjustments

re-cement crowns & bridges

Re-cement Crowns
& Bridges

dental traume

Dental Trauma

painful gums

Painful Gums

Why Choose Emerdency Dentists?


Excellent Patient Care

Emerdency puts you first! We care about your dental health and offer a comfortable experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Our team of professional dentists is super-friendly, and always strive to meet your urgent oral needs.


Transparency and Integrity

Emerdency dental service is open and transparent. We will always make sure you are satisfied with the service we provide you. If you need urgent help, we will offer you a quick and direct appointment. Emerdency will make you feel comfortable and in safe hands.


GDC Certified Dentists

All our dentists are duly registered and certified by the General Dental Council, giving you the confidence that they are very capable of providing emergency dental care in accordance with the latest guidleines.


Wheel Chair Access

Are you a patient with mobility concerns? Rejoice, we have you covered! Emerdency offers complete wheelchair access in a number of our clinics.


Fixed Competitive Price

Here at Emerdency, our price is fixed. No price uncertainty, no fluctuations, no hidden charges, or additional fees. We stand by our promise and maintain our excellent reputation. Our payment procedure is simple and straightforward.

The Process

Emergency Dentist Bradford Process
Emergency Dentist Bradford Process

Complete search criteria

Emergency Dentist Bradford Process

Choose your preferred appointment

Emergency Dentist Bradford Process

Online payment for your appointment

Emergency Dentist Bradford Process

Receive details of the dental practice