Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Emerdency?

Emerdency is a unique online platform with a vision of improving emergency access to dentists at a time and place that is convenient to you.

2. How does Emerdency work?

Emerdency assists individuals in booking emergency appointments with dentists at local practices by making their appointment diaries available directly to you online.

Seeing as Dentists’ diaries are dynamic and often change throughout the day, our live availability allows you to see appointments as soon as they become available.

With Emerdency, you also have the option to book a telephone consultation with a dentist for some advice, reassurance, or even just a second opinion.

3. Which areas do you cover?

The North West.

We are working very hard to start our service in a practice near you. Our aim is to ensure that everyone in the UK has quick access to urgent dental care.

4. Who can book with Emerdency?

We welcome everyone to benefit from Emerdency appointments. We also have a selection of practices that have wheelchair access.

The telephone consultation can be booked by anyone within the UK.

If you are under 16, your parent or legal guardian must be present for the appointment.

5. Do I need to be registered with a dentist?

You do not need to be registered with a dentist to use this service. Everyone is welcome. This service only provides emergency dental care.

6. How do I make a payment?

Payment for an Emerdency appointment is made online via credit/debit card followed by a payment taken at the dental practice. Please see Fees explained.

7. Are there any additional charges I should know about?

The charges are as per the Fees Explained. However, Emerdency does not cover permanent/definitive treatment. We pride ourselves on our standardised and transparent pricing structure.

8. Will I be charged extra if the telephone consultation goes beyond the 10 minutes?

Telephone consultations extending a few minutes beyond ten minutes will not incur extra costs.

9. Do I need to bring anything along with me when I attend the appointment?

Please ensure the following are with you when attending the appointment:

- List of medications you are currently taking

- Medical warning cards (if applicable)

- An interpreter if communication in English is not possible.

10. Can I cancel my appointment?

You may cancel your appointment up to 24 hours in advance by completing the contact form.

However, please note that should you cancel after this time, or miss your appointment, then a refund will not be possible.