Appointment with a Dentist

The aim of this appointment is to get you out of pain, however, at this stage definitive treatment is not provided. Following the Emerdency appointment, should definitive treatment be required you may need to arrange a further appointment with a dentist in order for this to be carried out. If definitive treatment is indeed required, this can be discussed with the Emerdency dentist or you can choose to have this treatment done elsewhere at your own discretion.

An initial fee of £45 will be charged online when the appointment is booked. A further £40 will then be charged at the dental practice.


- Assessment and advice

- X-rays and report

- Prescription (excluding medication)

- Semi-permanent filling

- Initiate root canal +£80*

- Re-cementing a Crown/Bridge/Veneer/Inlay

- Management of an infected socket (caused by an extraction)

- Management of an infected wisdom tooth

- Draining of an abscess

- Easing of dentures (this does not include anything that requires sending the denture away to a dental laboratory for repair)

- Extraction (excluding surgical extraction)+£80*

*If an extraction or a root canal is initiated, the fee will be set by Emerdency. This will be taken at the dental practice where you are being seen. The charge for this will be fixed at £80 per tooth.

No additional charges should be taken at a dental practice during your emergency dental appointment, which are within the scope of the services listed above. If additional charges were taken, please retain all receipts and bring this to our attention via the contact form.

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